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"To gain knowledge, is to gain life."

Thol'ulwazi Thol'impilo Network (TTN) is a local NGO that works in the rural communities in and around Piet Retief (Mpumalanga). 

The name of our organisation means, "To gain knowledge is to gain life."

But we are about so much more.  We are about the Kingdom of God, and how we can use our skills, resources and gifts to help poor, rural communities to experience the 'Kingdom of God.'   Jesus told us to heal people, and to show them that the Kingdom of God has come near them - and we are obedient to that calling.

We trust that this video and a tour of our website will show you the various projects we run and that our hearts are for our poor people - those that struggle to make ends meet, and who rely upon us to care for them.   Over the past 10-12 years we have been working with our communities and have slowly begun to see the work bearing fruit.  In spite of the numerous funding challenges, dilapidated roads and infrastructure, hardship, poverty, and hunger .........  there is also trust, and community, laughter and daily little victories over adversity. 


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