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Mbabala, Swaziland

David Meyer, a Commercial Avocado Farmer has identified the need for a mission outreach on his farm in Mhlosheni in the South of Swaziland. He together with his wife Desi, approached TTN to begin a DBS and other Mission projects on their farm “Mbabala”.

Despite being a very small independent country, Swaziland has possibly the highest HIV prevalence in the world, with HIV/AIDS having a devastating effect on the country. With life expectancy in the country being estimated at 49 years, many children have lost one or both parents and are being raised by older siblings or elderly grandparents.

Projects and invitations like this provide the opportunity to bring the DBS (Discovery Bible Study) to these areas, and are a means to help these impoverished communities through a holistic approach which will hopefully provide them with the knowledge to sustain their families in an increasingly improving environment.

The ministry began early this year, and a strong DBS group has already been established. The aim is for the group to multiply, and penetrate the communities of Mhlosheni that surround the farm. Once the groups are operational, gatherings will be held on a monthly basis and these gatherings will assist with the formation of teams that will establish new groups.

David and Phillip.jpg

David visits Pastor Phillip Nobela at Galilee Training Centre

During this process, the groups will be exposed to the 5 Point plan, which involves:

  1. Growing the groups spiritually through DBS and Gatherings.

  2. Identifying leaders within the groups, and spending time mentoring them.

  3. Continuing to identify the “harvest” around the group, praying for the less fortunate, and seeking ways to support them from within the groups.

  4. By identifying conflict and assisting with the resolving of issues through prayer and Theo-phostics , a basic Christian counselling method.

  5. Addressing the issue of self-sustainability at all levels. This will include:

  •  Galilee Farming Methods, Skills Development Training, Asidlale Box & Entrepreneurial Training

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