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Youth Life Skills PROGRAMME (YLS) 

Mpho Monare

Asibambisane & Active Youth

Mpho is passionate about our Youth and mentoring our future generations through discussions, workshops and Youth Camps. 

The youth programme is focused on discipling young people in their communities through a Youth Leaders Team mentored by Mpho.  This Team will focus not only on Youth Life Skills, but o engaging and discipling young youth leaders from across various communities where the TTN, No Place Left (NPL) and DMM Practitioners have DBS Groups and are actively working. 


Youth Life Skills (YLS) Programme is currently being run in 4 schools in the Mkhondo Areas:  Cana  -  KwaShuku   -  Driefontein   -   Ntombe

TARGET AUDIENCE:    Teenage Girls and Women


HIV/AIDS awareness and education

Dealing with Social and Family Issues

To address and solve Community problems

Mpho Monare is the Project Manager, and the Programme YLS is using is the programme that Mpho created:  'ACTIVE YOUTH'. The Programme brings Parents into the pictures, and focuses specifically on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT &  LEADERSHIP TRAINING

The YLS Programme is run by a Coordinator, Team Leader and 4 Community Peer Educators from each area, who work with the Schools involved with the Programme.

TTN and the Department of Health are looking into extending the programme to more Highschools in our rural areas.

Youth Life Skills 

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