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In 2017 Pastor Phillip Nobela (Rock of Faith Ministries) began a tuck shop at his home 'Jezreal' in Bushman's Bend.

He named the tuck shop 'Jireh'.

During the past 12 months Pastor Phillip's business has grown substantially, and is now making a profit.

Later this year, we hope to introduce a rural bread baking oven (firewood) which has the capacity to bake 12x loaves at a time.  This will greatly enhance the tuck shop, and offer patrons fresh bread daily.

We have also acquired a deep freeze which will enable Pastor Phillip to start selling frozen chickens, as well as meat and fish products to the Community.

Through the teaching Pastor Phillip received on how to run a small business, the aim is to now bring in young entrepreneurs and in so doing, create self-sustainable ministries (through this enterprise and training).

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