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Inge Engelbrecht

Inge created, administers and coordinates the programme.  A retired Headmistress, she has used her educational background to create an incredible creche programme which is catered specifically to the educational requirements and logistics of a rural creche.

Cel:  +27 79 640 0825


Masifunde Creche Programme

Masifunde:  "Let's learn!"

The Asidlale Box was a means of helping a mother/grandmother to introduce the 'play' aspect with their children for a few hours a day.  It was designed to help children develop the fine and gross motor skills needed for their school careers, especially in areas where there is no access to local creches.

The MASIFUNDE PROGRAMME is a fully immersive creche programme.  Designed specifically with the rural creche in mind (derived with permission from the AMOS Meerkat Project in Namibia), Inge Engelbrecht has developed a version that is suited to our rural communities.

The course is presented in English and is comprised of 8 Themes, including:  Our School, My Body, My Senses, My Home, My Family, On the Farm, In the Garden, In the Town (people/helpers in our community) and Wild Animals.

EASTER and CHRISTMAS are two important themes covered 

Key areas focused on are:

  • Character development (a unique and vital component of the programme)

  • Development of the child and the brain

  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • Teaching Bible stories and biblical truths

  • Perceptual skills

  • Sounds and numbers

  • Songs and the art of storytelling

  • Art and crafts

Key Character Traits









The Masifunde Creches 

  • Bambanani  -  Honingkloof Farm (Heinz & Marlene Hinze)  x6 children                       Teacher:  Buyisile Nkosi

  • Khula - Wagendrift Farm (Johann & Gudrun Engelbrecht)  x23 children                      Teacher:  Lungile Sukasi

  • Kwamatshamhlope  -  Kwamatshamhlope School (Karin Bodenstein) x29 children     Teacher:  Lettha Mthethwa

  • Lindokuhle  -  Libaba  x6 children                                                                                            Teacher:  Winnie Hadebe &  Manesi Masondo

  • Mantonga  -  Mantonga Farm  (Jens and Thea Kusel)  x10 children                                 Teacher:  Eslina Mndebele

  • Philasande  -  Panbult (Christa Albers)  x  16 children                                                         Teacher:  Nothile

  • Thuthuka  -  Schwarzwald (Hugo & Anzel Niebuhr)                                                            Teacher:  Ruth Kuhlase

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