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Where the Asidlale Box is a means of reaching and introducing basic play and ECD to the rural homes, the Masifunde Creche Programme is a focused primarily on rural creches and Grade RR children.

With permission from the AMOS Meerkat Project (in Namibia), Inge Engelbrecht has developed a version that is suited to our rural communities and named the project:  Masifunde (“Let’s learn!”)

The course is presented in English and is comprised of 12 Themes, including:  Our School, My body, My senses, My home and family, On the farm, In the town and Our Country.

Key areas focused on are:

  • Character development (a unique and vital component of the programme)

  • Development of the child and the brain

  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • Teaching Bible stories and biblical truths

  • Perceptual skills

  • Sounds and numbers

  • Songs and the art of storytelling

  • Art and crafts


Masifunde ECD Programme

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