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The ‘ASIDALE BOX’ is an activity box  - a fun play tool to help children develop skills and creativity, gross & fine motor skills and 'hand to eye coordination', while learning in the process. 

The concept is simple - we distribute an APPLE BOX full of educational games and activities that a mother/grandmother or creche teacher can use for an hour or two daily, to encourage their children to 'play and learn'.  Every day is run off a Daily Activity Sheet outlining the respective Songs, Prayers, Games and Activities that make the play even more fun, and everything you need is right there in the box which is easy to transport, carry and use. 

The Asidlale Team works with rural communities, local farmers, rural crèches and other networks who desire to use these boxes at their schools/homes/farms.  We train the ladies, we play, we stock the boxes and re-stock boxes and most importantly —  we have fun! 

TTN have partnered up with the Fontana (AGS) Church in Piet Retief - they are working with us on mission projects, and they have been helping us to collect the items needed in the boxes, as well as to put the boxes together.  Two ladies make up the Asidlale Team -  Wendy (TTN) and Amanda (Fontana) work on assembling and distributing the Asidlale Boxes to the rural Communities.

What's even more special, is that a mother or grandmother caring for her kids has the opportunity to play a role in her child's development!  By spending time playing with them, their creativity is awakened, their minds open up and a very long day at home becomes fun-filled and colourful. 


Asidlale 2021

In spite of the Covid pandemic, we are still trying to support rural daycare centers, creches and mothers of young children.  At present we are focusing a lot of attention on Ziggi's Kidz Sunday School at Moolman and Thobile Ngwenya's daycare center in Phola Park (eThandakhukhanya).  These ladies have children that they are caring for on a regular basis and we are trying to keep them going by supplying them with Asidlale Boxes and activities. 

What's in this box.JPG

Asidlale Boxes


The Asidlale Box

What's In A Box?

Daily Activities:

A Monday to Friday Schedule

A Bible/Gospel Book


Glue, Scissors, Crayons


Magazines for Cutting Out

1x 'Book of Knowledge'


Beanbags and Balls

Plastic 'catchers'

Building Blocks

Bingo Emoji

Plastic Counters

Yoghurt Rings and 'Tower'


Paper Plates

Toilet Rolls

Straws & String

Coloured Paper

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