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Commondale Christian Fellowship


Commondale Christian fellowship ......

CCF was initiated by the Augsburg Lutheran church’s mission committee. For years the mission work comprised of ‘farm devotions’ and the occasional tent crusade. Both of these ministries were not producing much growth, and we were not seeing the making of disciples.

In 2013, The CCN (Commondale Christian network) that was formed decided to form an independent African Church, strongly supported by the Lutheran church as well as the TTN network. We called it CCF, and over the past five years we have seen the development of a wonderful ministry that does credit to the early work of the Augsburg Lutheran church.

Pastors Welcome Ngwenya and Sibusiso Shabangu share this growing ministry, and have spent years with TTN developing the DBS style of ministry, as well as engaging in the five point plan for communities.

In 2015, the Augsburg mission committee decided it was time to create a stronger base for this ‘outreach’ ministry, and built a Multi-purpose ministry centre (MPMC) on the piece of land made available by local farmer, Mr Bernd Schutte. This has led to a vision being outlined by pastor Welcome, where we will see the establishment of a FGW project with a fruit orchard, small skills development component, a strong ECD initiative and a set of ‘rondawels’ for accommodation purposes for both ‘retreats’ as well as conferences and gatherings.

The MPMC is used now for a host of ‘community’ functions, such as the monthly Peer Educators meetings, as well as the TTN conferences.


A bi-monthly ‘Gathering’, as well as a bi-monthly G2 conference will see the development of the DMM strategy of GROUPS , GATHERINGS AND TEAMS become a reality, and hopefully in this way we will be able to reach the rural communities of Commondale, Moolman, Sulphur Springs and even Dumbe and Bilanyoni.

Operation Hunger (operating out of the Moolman Zending ministry in Moolman), has prompted the Augsburg Lutheran Church to initiate a similar ‘ food-parcel’ system to reach the most urgent needs of families in dire poverty. The hope is to begin with five families that will receive a weekly food parcel, distributed from the MPMC, so as to return to the old Testament prophet Malachi’s words, “ That there may be food in my Temple” .

CCF has a strong link with a sister mission initiative called “ Sondela” , operating out of The Braunschweig and Luneburg Lutheran churches. Over the past four years, strong links of fellowship and ministry have been developing between TTN, CCN, CCF and Sondela, and the hope of a “unified” mission initiative is becoming a reality.

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