Bushman's bend 'Jezreel'

In 2015 TTN received a farmhouse from two local farmers at Bushmansbend to use as base for Pastor Phillip, and as a training centre.  The outbuildings are ideal for community projects and training, enabling us to engage with the neighbouring settlements and help to uplift their way of life with DBS (Discovery Bible Study) training and the 'Access' Ministries.

We will also be using Jezreel for Galilee Farming Methods training - for farming with livestock (pigs & chickens).  

Phillip's house BEFORE

The house at Bushmansbend before the makeover

Phillip's house AFTER!

And then after! Pastor Phillip has a base to stay at and to use for DBS Training with the neighbouring communities

The 'Craft' Centre

Sarah and the ladies can meet here and learn to make crafts

The shed for our furniture factory

Here we can start a furniture factory and train the community to make furniture

Jezreel Livestock

The pigs are moving from Galilee to Jezreel to stop them from destroying the vegetable crops. Pastor Phillip can teach communities how to farm with pigs on a small piece of land

Jezreel Chickens

The chickens are also moving from Galilee, in an effort to stop them from destroying the vegetable gardens. Pastor Phillip will be able to use the sheds at Jezreel as a chicken coop where the chickens can be housed

Jezreel Skills Training

The sheds are also going to be used for training communities in skills such as carpentry and making crafts (crocheted bags)

Bushman's Bend

We plan to start a DBS in each community

DBS groups gather at Jezreel

DBS Groups from Lesotho, Limpopo and 8 Mission groups meet together at Jezreel

Community houses

A rural home on the farm

Old and young pray together

A gathering at Jezreel


The communities around Jezreel we want to reach through the DBS and 'Access Ministries'

DBS in all the villages

The neighbouring communities at Jezreel can come to the house for DBS (Discovery Bible Study) and training in the 'Access Ministries'

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