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Pastor Phillip Nobela

Shalom House & DMM

Pastor Phillip runs DMM in Ikasi, ISHAACAR, and oversees DMM and Access Ministry training at Shalom House

Collins comes from Malawi and has experience in making traditional bricks.  He also has a wonderful music ministry which he is using in his DBS groups.


Shalom House, Bushmansbend

Pastor Phillip Nobela's home at Bushmansbend ....

A new door opened for TTN Network at Bushmansbend - at Pastor Phillip's home.  Pastor Phillip heads up our Discovery Group Training and Disciple Making Ministry, and is perfectly positioned within the heart of this community.

The house Phillip aptly named 'Shalom' ('peace') has a little outside room, and is situated on about a quarter hectare of land. We are able to conduct Farming Foundations Training here, and Pastor Phillip will be able to host visitors and train them on his very own piece of land!

The ideal location for TRAINING ......  Phillip's house is within the community of Bushmansbend - this is going to be a far better option, as he will be able to train from 'within' and not take the approach of building a school or training centre. The communities prefer a training area in the community, rather than going to a Training Centre which they cannot relate to.  Phillip's vision is to host visitors (up to about 4) and various couples from places like Zambia and Northern Mocambique in his home for 2-3 weeks, or even as long a month. During this time they can go with him and he can disciple them daily on the DMM Principals (DBS groups and gatherings).

His tuckshop just up the road at Jezreel is running succesffuly, so he will also be able to mentor them on running a small business which they can see frist hand.  Visitors will also learn about the 'Access Ministries' which we will be doing there, such as Asidlale and Skills Development.  We are also hopefully gaining another hectare of land there, which we will be able to use for Farming Foundations training. There will also be maize, beans and working gardens where vegetables are being grown and used to help feed members of the community and visitors to Phillip's home. So, Pastor Phillip is a busy man! He is now overseeing the areas of Driefontein, Sheepmoore, Amsterdam, Iswepe and Mbabala, along with Jezreel and Bushmansbend.

We trust God to anoint the work that Phillip and his Team are doing, and that the visitors and communities will engage and replicate their training and return to their communities inspired and ready to make new disciples.

Training Communities


Farming Foundations - how to make a sustainable vegetable garden without expensive implements and fertilizers


Business Skills (running a rural Tuckshop) - teaching communities to stock and run a small, rural tuckshop which can be a source of income for their families

Skills Development - teaching rural women to make items that they can make and sell (for income)

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