The Discovery


The Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a most exciting way to discover God and His word for yourself, and with others. A complete shift from the conventional 'going to church' on a Sunday, in a DBS Group people discover the Bible and the Word of God for themselves, without any external influence.  Basic sills are required to facilitate a group as it is based on DISCOVERY and not a formulated/structured teaching.  The Groups 'discover' biblical truth for themselves and share their interpretation of a chosen scripture with each other, discovering God on a level they can understand.

DBS Groups run most effectively in rural communities where access to churches often prohibit people from regularly attending church. The DBS Groups are a means of manifesting the Kingdom of God in a rural village, as opposed to planting a church/starting a bible study/sending a tent. It is also being used to great effect in countries where the church has come under heavy persecution and has had to find alternative means of congregating with other believers.

The 5 Point Plan ..............................

Once a DBS group has been established, the Five Point Plan is introduced with the aim of multiplying and creating new groups.

The 5 Point Plan is the closest link we have found to the original church outlined in the New Testament in Acts 2 vs 42:

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”.

In short the 5 Point Plan is outlined as follows:

  • Everyone must grow spiritually

  • Leaders are identified and nurtured by other leaders

  • Groups are at all times concerned for their communities (the 'Harvest') and help where possible

  • Conflict is resolved through prayers, the DBS and Theo-phostics

  • Self-sustainability (identifying the needs in a community and helping them to become reality)

The 'Gathering'..............

DBS Groups are encouraged to meet once a month, in what is called a 'Gathering'.  At this gathering the communities are encouraged to lead for themselves, and follow a pattern of:

  • Worship (creative worship is encouraged)

  • Community (praying for one another and sharing needs / Breaking of Bread)

  • Nurture (the Word - a short address and then 'Discovery'in groups

  • Missions (encourage lively participation in identifying and supporting any mission initiatives

The 'Gatherings'begin to identify new areas of need and new 'Teams'are created to begin to focus on the new areas.

The next webpage outlines the greatest needs which have been identified in our area.​